CeDos helps your software company scale and grow. With a unique and diverse consultancy mix that fits you, your organization and your business objectives, CeDos helps you transform into a new growth phase. Experience, consulting, advice, interim management, executive coaching and team coaching provide the combination and strategic insight to help you and your company succeed.

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Strategically oriented leader and certified coach (ORSCC, PCC) with an emphasis on vision and people. Strongest roles are initiator, accelerator and coach. He takes pride in building products, the organization, the team and the individual. Carlos has an education in computer science, MBA, Co-Active coaching, Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) and MBTI qualification step I. Carlos has worked in a variety of roles in small and large scale companies including: General, Development, Product, Sales and Delivery Management.


Technical leader with experience in software architecture, development management and CTO roles, performing these in start up, scale up and Fortune 500 companies. David has focused his career on distributed, high-throughput systems, artificial intelligence technology, and their use in preventing financial crime.