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Organizational changes introduce new structures, new ways of working and new people.  This requires adjusting for all involved including new or changed roles. The success of change for a large part depends on team dynamics and the well-being of individuals. Guidance and coaching of the team and individuals therefore is essential.

Over 20 years of experience in several roles in software companies has shown us the importance of cooperation within teams and good fit between persons and roles. It taught us how important it is to guide people and teams apart from changing structure and processes. It is our belief in the potential of people and teams that inspired us to introduce coaching skills in our approach.


Executive coaching assists you to deal with challenges you experience as a leader by finding your authentic approach and effective leadership style. Identifying your personal preferences, strengths and pitfalls will provide you with the insight to further develop and improve your leadership impact and your relations with others. Understand the leader you want to be and also the leader you need to be.


A team is more than the sum of the individuals; it is a system and identity in itself. In team coaching we focus on this system rather than the individuals. By revealing this system all members increase awareness and learn about the system and the relationship with it. Every part of the system has a voice and impact on the team cooperation. Team coaching helps to improve communication, cooperation and inclusion so a safe and inspiring environment for all team members is created. Invest in effective cooperation and happiness rather than conflict and confusion.


Our coaching approach is based on a deep respect and believe in the abilities of individuals and the potential of a team. Trust, respect, curiosity, inspiration and humor are key fundaments in our approach. We work with several coaching methods including MBTI, TypeCoach and ORSC. 

Isabel Myers believed that if people would be aware of their personality type, they would make better decisions in life and relationships with others. It was her vision to use differences in personality types in a constructive manner. By determining the personality type, a team learns a lot about the team dynamics and also how it can be changed. Where differences regularly lead to conflict the MBTI helps to understand differences better and to take a positive approach. By helping you to determine your type the foundation is created for personal development and coaching the team. 


A better team cooperation increases the chance of success of change. An approach based on Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) allows us to help the team to understand team dynamics, to unfold what is there and to focus on the Third Entity which is what defines the team. Working with this knowledge and discovering what is living in the team brings the team on a higher level to improve cooperation and do what is needed.


By combining different coaching techniques, we guide you towards a higher level of cooperation and awareness in the team, allowing you to make a sustainable change.

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