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“CeDos helped me in several organizations where I was CEO and board member, facilitating transformations that increased scalability and growth. By providing advice, expertise and coaching, CeDos reshaped and restructured delivery processes and teams allowing next growth steps. CeDos provided guidance until the transformation was completed.”

Pieter Casneuf – Advisor, investor & board member

With experience as our foundation we assist software companies in scaling and reaching their growth objectives. We provide guidance through a combination of advice, transformation management and coaching. With this consultancy mix we focus on the organizational structure, the product, the processes, the team and the leadership.


We believe that every situation and every organization require a customized approach and transformational guidance, albeit based on proven approaches. After all, every company has its own specific growth challenges. 

A next growth step brings you into a transformation where we provide support with a consultancy mix consisting of the following:


Our experience fulfilling several roles within software companies, combined with critical and analytic observation lead to an outside-in view on what is happening in your organization and the challenges you are facing. Workshops are used as a means to engage and challenge you and your team. The primary driver in every step is your identity, vision and business goals. Assessment and advice can be provided to you as an organizational screening or as investor due diligence with or without further support. 


We manage the transformation, taking an active role in the process. An organization undergoing a transformation needs temporary roles to manage it, but may also need to fill operational roles in the short term. Operational roles that are introduced by the newly transformed and scaled structure can include Delivery Manager, CTO or Product Manager. These roles can be at an executive level but are always in a trusted position for the CEO to facilitate change. This allows the organization to successfully operate during the transformation and enables focus on hiring the right people for the post-transformation organization. We help you find people and work towards creating a new scaled structure, and help the handover once the new structure is in place. 


Transformation challenges the team as a whole as well as the individual team members. Coaching teams and people through such an impactful change is essential. Our experience, team and individual coaching skills provide the stable base that is needed. After the transformation, where applicable and when needed, consultancy is provided to advise and coach the executive team and the operational team. Organizational change takes time and although there is intense preparation and support during the transformational phase, continued guidance makes it stick and therefore sustainable.

If you want to know more about how our approach can help you, contact us.

We are:



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A SHERPA brings experiences, and plans, guides, coaches, carries, helps and cares.

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